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In many ways malt whisky is the original whisky. It is made exclusively from malted cereals, yeast and water. A refined distillation and long aging period in oak barrels characterise the complex spectrum of aromas that legendary malt whiskies possess. There is a whole range of exclusive malt whiskies in single malt cologne 1-litre bottle sizes and in exclusive special sizes.

There is a range of classic Malt Whisky available in the store, especially vatted malt and single malt. A manufacturing process that is fundamentally the same and the use of identical ingredients characterises both whiskies. In addition, any malt whisky is essentially a blended whisky; the different distillates are combined in the bottling process. The differences between single malt and vatted malt are subtle. In a single malt cologne malt whiskeythe contents must come from the same distillery.

In vatted malts, however, the of each whisky is not controlled as long as they are each pure malt whiskies. The range of aromas and flavours that connoisseurs can detect in a refined malt whisky is vast and visit web page complex.

The Dalmore 18y for example has accents of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and candied fruit. A Caol Ila Single Malt 12y is infused with smoky aromas and refined citrus notes. For something of single malt cologne spicier variety, however, single malt cologne Glenfiddich Cask Reserve is a perfect choice. This whisky is allowed to mature in selected sherry casks and provides a harmony of flavours and rustic single malt cologne. The Talisker Darkstorm is another rustic yet sophisticated option, which seems to reflect the stormy conditions of a Scottish lake with its strong peppery notes.

This malt has been allowed to mature in wine casks for extra added luxurious scents. If you are flying from another airport, please change the airport so that we can process your order correctly. This will empty your shopping cart. You have already chosen a Me of the Month item. Would you like to select the new item as Me of the Month item?

We have sent you an e-mail with a confirmation link. To complete your registration, please click on this link. Refine your single malt cologne here:. Travel Single malt cologne Talisker Dark Storm Travel Edition Octomore 8. Glenmorangie Original 1L, Giftpack. Purchase malt whisky at wonderfully low prices: The product was successfully added to your wishlist. Your wishlist was sent successfully. The product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

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Find great deals on Pure malt cologne The women's single-note Best prices on Pure malt cologne in Perfume & Cologne. Check out Bizrate for great.
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